Why is imagery important in branding?

Your brand image is much, much more than your logo.  Your imagery is what defines your business, product, or service.  More importantly, it’s what will trigger an association with your business when your customers see it.  This is why imagery is so important in branding. What’s the difference between imagery and a logo? Of course,Continue reading “Why is imagery important in branding?”

What makes a good marketing brochure?

“We’ve got to have a brochure!“ What makes a good marketing brochure? Is that a familiar refrain in your office?  Have you ever asked yourself why your colleagues are so adamant they can’t live without a marketing brochure? Is it because it’s a bit of a comfort blanket? Is it because you’ve always had one?Continue reading “What makes a good marketing brochure?”

Is print advertising still effective?

Is print advertising still effective? – Today we all tend to think online should be our first port of call.  It may therefore surprise you that recent surveys continually show print ads still edge digital advertising in terms of reach, preference and recall. One reason for this is the internet is a noisy place.  MoreContinue reading “Is print advertising still effective?”

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