How do you choose a name for your business?

You’ve got your idea.  You’ve got some money behind you.  You may even have your team, premises and all the hardware you need to get started but how do you choose a name for your business? For some, a name is just a name, but the truth is a strong, memorable name will become theContinue reading “How do you choose a name for your business?”

What makes a good logo?

Before we get into this, we must address the elephant in the room.  What makes a good logo is of course going to be inextricably linked to personal taste.  Even the most experienced designers can’t tell you exactly what makes a good logo as it’s totally subjective.  But in this blog we will share someContinue reading “What makes a good logo?”

Are videos effective marketing?

Are videos effective marketing? – Perhaps the best start point from which to answer the question “are videos effective marketing?” is the past.  If this sounds more than a little strange, I shall explain …  The way messages have been promoted and received has changed massively over even the last 25 years.  As an example,Continue reading “Are videos effective marketing?”

How do you create a powerful infographic?

So how do you create a powerful infographic? The real power of an infographic is its ability to add a bit of imagination and creativity to your marketing, something that’ll stand up in front of your audience screaming “WATCH ME!”  Even better, as you can’t watch something wrong, there is no chance something will be missedContinue reading “How do you create a powerful infographic?”

When is rebranding a good idea?

When is rebranding a good idea? All businesses go through a rebrand at some point during their lifetime.  It’s the public sign your business is growing, adapting and evolving, that you’re not content to stand still but instead want to keep pace with the needs, demands and requirements of your market (and willing to invest toContinue reading “When is rebranding a good idea?”

Why should you rebrand?

Many brand experts have been quoted as saying that rebranding is harder than creating a brand.  However, in some circumstances a rebrand just can’t be avoided. If you are thinking about rebranding but aren’t sure whether the time is right (or you know the time is right but you just need to be persuaded toContinue reading “Why should you rebrand?”

What is an infographic?

The word ‘infographic’ is a portmanteau of ‘information’ and ‘graphic’ which is all it is, a graphic way of expressing information by using images, data and/or very limited copy.   The boom in digital marketing over the last decade has cemented infographics’ position as the most popular online marketing option. But as their use grows andContinue reading “What is an infographic?”

What makes a good marketing brochure?

“We’ve got to have a brochure!“ What makes a good marketing brochure? Is that a familiar refrain in your office?  Have you ever asked yourself why your colleagues are so adamant they can’t live without a marketing brochure? Is it because it’s a bit of a comfort blanket? Is it because you’ve always had one?Continue reading “What makes a good marketing brochure?”

Is print advertising still effective?

Is print advertising still effective? – Today we all tend to think online should be our first port of call.  It may therefore surprise you that recent surveys continually show print ads still edge digital advertising in terms of reach, preference and recall. One reason for this is the internet is a noisy place.  MoreContinue reading “Is print advertising still effective?”

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