How do you create a content marketing strategy? Part 2

Create a content marketing strategy Part 2 How do you create a content marketing strategy? The following steps the ones we’d suggest you follow when you sit down to put your content marketing strategy together. 6. Put your strategy and tactics down on paper Once your strategy is down on paper, it becomes a real thing. Continue reading “How do you create a content marketing strategy? Part 2”

Why is imagery important in branding?

Your brand image is much, much more than your logo.  Your imagery is what defines your business, product, or service.  More importantly, it’s what will trigger an association with your business when your customers see it.  This is why imagery is so important in branding. What’s the difference between imagery and a logo? Of course,Continue reading “Why is imagery important in branding?”

Can marketing videos help increase sales?

Can marketing videos help increase sales? Around 85% of internet users watch videos.  This is why 65% of marketers have made video a mainstay of their content marketing strategies.  They have recognised marketing videos definitely help increase sales. What types of marketing videos can I use? There are a variety of video formats marketers canContinue reading “Can marketing videos help increase sales?”

What makes a good logo?

Before we get into this, we must address the elephant in the room.  What makes a good logo is of course going to be inextricably linked to personal taste.  Even the most experienced designers can’t tell you exactly what makes a good logo as it’s totally subjective.  But in this blog we will share someContinue reading “What makes a good logo?”

What are the 10 steps to creating a strong brand?

Creating a strong brand has never been important as it is today.  It is what makes you distinct.  It is what separates you from your competitors.  It is what attracts and keeps your customers. This means that if your brand is going to protect your market position, target and excite your audience and communicate yourContinue reading “What are the 10 steps to creating a strong brand?”

When is rebranding a good idea?

When is rebranding a good idea? All businesses go through a rebrand at some point during their lifetime.  It’s the public sign your business is growing, adapting and evolving, that you’re not content to stand still but instead want to keep pace with the needs, demands and requirements of your market (and willing to invest toContinue reading “When is rebranding a good idea?”

What are the benefits of a rebrand?

What are the benefits of a rebrand? – In a previous blog we looked at why (or more specifically, when) you should consider rebranding.   However, regardless of how desperately you know you need a rebrand, we appreciate that this isn’t a decision you can take lightly. It takes time, money and effort to rebrand andContinue reading “What are the benefits of a rebrand?”

Why should you rebrand?

Many brand experts have been quoted as saying that rebranding is harder than creating a brand.  However, in some circumstances a rebrand just can’t be avoided. If you are thinking about rebranding but aren’t sure whether the time is right (or you know the time is right but you just need to be persuaded toContinue reading “Why should you rebrand?”

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