Why is rebranding difficult?

Why is rebranding difficult? – There are many reasons for rebranding but, even when you know it’s absolutely the right thing to do, there are a few hurdles you’ll probably come across once you get the process moving.  As forewarned is forearmed we’d like to share some of the rebranding challenges we come across most often. 1. “It’sContinue reading “Why is rebranding difficult?”

What are the 10 steps to creating a strong brand?

Creating a strong brand has never been important as it is today.  It is what makes you distinct.  It is what separates you from your competitors.  It is what attracts and keeps your customers. This means that if your brand is going to protect your market position, target and excite your audience and communicate yourContinue reading “What are the 10 steps to creating a strong brand?”

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