Specialist marketing help for recruitment companies

With directors that have worked in-house for recruiters and worked alongside multiple recruitment clients, we can provide specialist marketing help for recruitment companies.

This is particularly important because the recruitment market has never been more competitive.  This means that if your recruitment company is going to remain competitive in your chosen sector/s, you need to be the first place the best talent goes to.

Staying visible to the best talent isn’t always easy, especially with so many other recruitment companies trying to muscle in on your audience.  It is no longer enough to scour LinkedIn, pitch up at the relevant career fairs or rely on referrals from the candidates you’ve placed. 

Today a recruitment company must have a marketing strategy.

Specialist marketing help for recruitment companies

What is a recruitment marketing strategy?

As a recruitment company,  your ultimate aim should be to persuade the right talent to come to you, not to have your team constantly searching for candidates when they could be building their client base.

Recruitment marketing strategy starts with creating a compelling proposition that marks you out from the rest of the recruiters in your market.

And once you have your proposition, your strategy needs to define how you are going to get that message in front of the right audience.

Our marketing specialists are highly experienced in constructing powerful value propositions for recruitment companies and our design specialists know how to bring your proposition to life by creating eye-catching, simple and durable brands that will generate the results you want.

Once you sound right and look right, we will put you in front of the talented candidates you want.

How do we market recruitment companies?

We are a full-service agency.  Our team can provide every type of marketing and business development support from building your website to delivering sales training for your team.

However, the marketing services we provide most often for recruitment companies are:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) that will push you up the relevant search engine rankings
  • Increasing your online presence and your presence on social media
  • Increasing the levels of engagement your website and social media platforms generate
  • Showcasing your brand organically on social media
  • Finding the right digital advertising options and managing pay per click and other types of online campaigns
  • Supporting and building your brand identity and your employer brand
  • Promoting your recruitment company on the top job boards
  • Exploring live chat and ‘virtual assistant’ options that will better engage prospective candidates
  • Improving your email marketing so you remain front of mind when candidates decide to find a new position
  • Building apps and other client interfaces to make it as easy as possible for candidates and clients to communicate with you and keep up with your job listings

If you would like to talk about your recruitment company’s marketing and find out how we can help you market more efficiently and more profitably, please contact us today.

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