What are the 4 types of motion graphics?

While animation and video can take many forms, we’d like to look at 4 types of motion graphics in this blog and explain where they can work best in your marketing communications. 1. The ‘explainer’  Explainer videos break down complex subjects and explain them in understandable, manageable, logical chunks.  They employ animation to tell theContinue reading “What are the 4 types of motion graphics?”

Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising?

Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising? – Motion graphics are everywhere.  They’re a great way to communicate your most important ideas, build brand awareness, and prompt your clients/customers/users to take action.  But even though they undeniably look good, why are motion graphics such a popular choice at the moment? Why use motionContinue reading “Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising?”

Are videos effective marketing?

Are videos effective marketing? – Perhaps the best start point from which to answer the question “are videos effective marketing?” is the past.  If this sounds more than a little strange, I shall explain …  The way messages have been promoted and received has changed massively over even the last 25 years.  As an example,Continue reading “Are videos effective marketing?”

How do you create a powerful infographic?

So how do you create a powerful infographic? The real power of an infographic is its ability to add a bit of imagination and creativity to your marketing, something that’ll stand up in front of your audience screaming “WATCH ME!”  Even better, as you can’t watch something wrong, there is no chance something will be missedContinue reading “How do you create a powerful infographic?”

What is an infographic?

The word ‘infographic’ is a portmanteau of ‘information’ and ‘graphic’ which is all it is, a graphic way of expressing information by using images, data and/or very limited copy.   The boom in digital marketing over the last decade has cemented infographics’ position as the most popular online marketing option. But as their use grows andContinue reading “What is an infographic?”

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