Why is a good logo important?

When you’re launching a business there’s so much to do that it’s no surprise creating the right logo could well slip off your radar.  However, your logo will be a key part of your new identity so it’s definitely worth taking a look at what a good logo is so important. First off, if youContinue reading “Why is a good logo important?”

What makes a good logo?

Before we get into this, we must address the elephant in the room.  What makes a good logo is of course going to be inextricably linked to personal taste.  Even the most experienced designers can’t tell you exactly what makes a good logo as it’s totally subjective.  But in this blog we will share someContinue reading “What makes a good logo?”

When is rebranding a good idea?

When is rebranding a good idea? All businesses go through a rebrand at some point during their lifetime.  It’s the public sign your business is growing, adapting and evolving, that you’re not content to stand still but instead want to keep pace with the needs, demands and requirements of your market (and willing to invest toContinue reading “When is rebranding a good idea?”

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