Why is a good logo important?

When you’re launching a business there’s so much to do that it’s no surprise creating the right logo could well slip off your radar.  However, your logo will be a key part of your new identity so it’s definitely worth taking a look at what a good logo is so important. First off, if youContinue reading “Why is a good logo important?”

Why is imagery important in branding?

Your brand image is much, much more than your logo.  Your imagery is what defines your business, product, or service.  More importantly, it’s what will trigger an association with your business when your customers see it.  This is why imagery is so important in branding. What’s the difference between imagery and a logo? Of course,Continue reading “Why is imagery important in branding?”

What happens if my website is not mobile friendly?

More than 60% of Google searches are now made on mobile devices.  This means that the simple answer to the question “what happens if my website is not mobile friendly?” is you will drastically reduce what your website delivers given how many people will now find you from their mobile. This was brought into evenContinue reading “What happens if my website is not mobile friendly?”

Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising?

Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising? – Motion graphics are everywhere.  They’re a great way to communicate your most important ideas, build brand awareness, and prompt your clients/customers/users to take action.  But even though they undeniably look good, why are motion graphics such a popular choice at the moment? Why use motionContinue reading “Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising?”

What is the purpose of brand guidelines?

You have worked hard to establish your brand but if it isn’t used correctly and consistently, your brand will never have the impact you want it to.  The first step towards the correct and consistent use of your brand is to establish your brand guidelines but ultimately what is the purpose of brand guidelines? WhatContinue reading “What is the purpose of brand guidelines?”

Why is Digital Design Important?

Why is Digital Design Important? – Today a huge chunk of our lives is lived on a screen.  This is why digital design is now so important.  The way design looks online must be sharp, responsive and have the maximum impact of everyone who sees it. What is Digital Design? Digital design is the creativeContinue reading “Why is Digital Design Important?”

What makes a good logo?

Before we get into this, we must address the elephant in the room.  What makes a good logo is of course going to be inextricably linked to personal taste.  Even the most experienced designers can’t tell you exactly what makes a good logo as it’s totally subjective.  But in this blog we will share someContinue reading “What makes a good logo?”

Are videos effective marketing?

Are videos effective marketing? – Perhaps the best start point from which to answer the question “are videos effective marketing?” is the past.  If this sounds more than a little strange, I shall explain …  The way messages have been promoted and received has changed massively over even the last 25 years.  As an example,Continue reading “Are videos effective marketing?”

Why is rebranding difficult?

Why is rebranding difficult? – There are many reasons for rebranding but, even when you know it’s absolutely the right thing to do, there are a few hurdles you’ll probably come across once you get the process moving.  As forewarned is forearmed we’d like to share some of the rebranding challenges we come across most often. 1. “It’sContinue reading “Why is rebranding difficult?”

How do you create a powerful infographic?

So how do you create a powerful infographic? The real power of an infographic is its ability to add a bit of imagination and creativity to your marketing, something that’ll stand up in front of your audience screaming “WATCH ME!”  Even better, as you can’t watch something wrong, there is no chance something will be missedContinue reading “How do you create a powerful infographic?”

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