Why is a good logo important?

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When you’re launching a business there’s so much to do that it’s no surprise creating the right logo could well slip off your radar.  However, your logo will be a key part of your new identity so it’s definitely worth taking a look at what a good logo is so important.

First off, if you do have any thoughts about getting away with not having a logo, scotch them now!   It does an awful lot of excellent work (even though sometimes that work goes unnoticed) including:

1. Cementing your brand identity

Your brand needs to resonate with your customers … it needs to catch their eye and tug their heart strings and while a logo isn’t a brand in itself, it is the most public embodiment of your brand.

This is the most important reason for having a good logo. 

2. Grabbing your audience’s attention

We are bombarded with more and more information via more and more channels every day; this has decimated the average consumer’s attention span. 

As a result, you have literally 2 seconds to grab your potential audience’s attention.

A good logo will do that but an excellent logo will do that and convey who you are, what you stand for and why the viewer should be interested.

3. Making the best first impression

As Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions told us, first impressions last forever so if your logo is designed well, it’ll cement a positive feeling towards your brand at first sight.

4. Making you memorable

Logos are an identifier, a differentiator, and the key point of recognition for your market/s.  However, if people are going to remember your logo it needs to be bold, strong, and original.

The only way you’ll do that is to invest in creating a good brand.

5. Forcing a competitive advantage

You may be operating in a niche or a massively crowded space, either way you need to stand out from your competitors.

A strong, original, bold design that amplifies your quality, your relevance and your personality will underline why you’re the best choice.

6. Building brand loyalty

Good branding/marketing/sales figures is all about consistency.  As your profile and customerbase grows, you need to make sure you are delivering that consistency and a good logo sits at the heart of everything you do.

You want people to see your logo and remember why it is a guarantee they are in the best possible hands.

You also want to establish repeat purchase patterns and if people are going to keep looking for you and the new stuff you’re doing, your logo is the thing they’ll look for first.  If it isn’t strong enough, your findability will suffer.  A lot.

7. Meeting your audience’s expectations

Consumers want to be associated with the best so why should they buy from someone with a wishy-washy or hastily knocked off logo?

If you would like to find out more about how our designers approach the creation of a new logo or see some examples of our work, please get in touch today and we can arrange a convenient time to talk.

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