Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising?

Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising? – Motion graphics are everywhere.  They’re a great way to communicate your most important ideas, build brand awareness, and prompt your clients/customers/users to take action.  But even though they undeniably look good, why are motion graphics such a popular choice at the moment?

Why use motion graphics?

Motion graphics are highly effective when it comes to communicating a huge amount of information in a very short amount of time.  This is a perfect combination given the volume of content on the internet and our (allegedly!) ever-shortening attention span.

However, another reason motion graphics have become so popular is they are easy to make, especially in comparison to ‘talking head’ style videos (which also suffer from the fact many people simply aren’t comfortable talking into a camera).

Why are motion graphics a popular choice in advertising and what makes motion graphics so popular?

Aside from being a highly effective means of communication we’d suggest there are 5 things that make motion graphics such a popular choice for marketers:

1. They’re eye-catching

Purchasing decisions are made on emotion.   If you can catch your audience’s attention, say the right things and look right, you are much more likely to trigger the desired biological response especially if you use the right imagery, music and animation style.

2) They’re easy to understand

As humans we process what we see almost instantly.  We literally see something and understand it.  It is therefore no surprise that TV viewing beats reading books hands down these days!

Better still ‘seeing’ a story leaves no room for miscomprehension so your audience will absorb exactly what you want them to whether that is:

  • A tutorial or explanation of what you do/have
  • A breakdown of how something works
  • The presentation of data or process
  • Introducing more abstract concepts

3) They require very little effort

Remember those lessons at school where you’d watch a video?  It was so much easier than listening and taking notes, wasn’t it?!

Motion graphics work in the same way.  Your audience just has to sit and watch and absorb what they’re being told.  There’s no need to think …

… just take the required action at the end!

4) They can easily be repurposed (or made from your existing content)

A smart content marketing strategy will be built on recycling. 

Presentations can become articles which can be serialised in blogs and FAQs and all the key points in all these formats can become scripts for motion graphics.  And vice versa.  You can easily flesh out the script for a motion graphic to become an article or a series of blogs or to give you the key themes for a presentation.

5) They don’t require your audience to investment much time

Coming in somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, motion graphics are designed to make the biggest impact in the shortest time.  

You can distil a 1200-word article into a minute. 

You can go through an otherwise complex process or set of figures in 20 seconds. 

You can impart your key selling points to social media users in seconds while they are scrolling through their timelines.

What is the future for motion graphics?

Things move fast online, but it does look as through motion graphics are definitely here to stay.  They offer some much-needed middle ground between video and written content and, as we’ve said, the viewer doesn’t need to invest much time or effort to watch them. 

As motion graphics allow brand owners to tell their story so effectively, the core format is unlikely to change.  However, the software behind it almost certainly will. 

New creator options are coming out all the time offering those making the graphics the flexibility and creativity they need to craft more engaging, more stimulating and more shareable content. 

For us, this is the future of motion graphics.  As the output improves, so will the word-of-mouth potential and the likelihood of unleashing genuinely viral content that will both strengthen your brand perception and drive sales.

Would you like to take full advantage of the potential of motion graphics?  Why not get in touch today and we can show you some of our work and explain how we create motion graphics that will promote and sell you on the internet and social media?

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