What is the purpose of brand guidelines?

You have worked hard to establish your brand but if it isn’t used correctly and consistently, your brand will never have the impact you want it to.  The first step towards the correct and consistent use of your brand is to establish your brand guidelines but ultimately what is the purpose of brand guidelines?

What do you need to include in your brand guidelines?

Your brand guidelines should set out:

  • Your fonts (not just the font itself but the size and weight you should use in your headers and body copy)
  • Your logos (and when and how to use them)
  • Your colour palettes (including RBG and pantone references)
  • Your approved images
  • Your tone of voice

What is the purpose of brand guidelines and Why do you need brand guidelines?

We’d suggest there are 5 reasons why you need brand guidelines:

1. Brand guidelines will strengthen your brand identity

A strong brand image will helps amplify your values, what you do and what you stand for.  It also underlines your personality and approach which are vital parts of the purchasing decision making process for your clients/customers/users as your brand is what makes you stand out from your competitors

2. Brand guidelines will make you look more professional

Again, your objective is consistency.  Consistency is absolutely key to maintaining a professional air. 

If all your images and font sizes are different on your website to your social media and your communications, you will look all over the place.  Putting a strict set of brand guidelines in place will allow you to underline your professionalism across every element and use of your brand.

3. Brand guidelines will increase your brand recognition

Successful businesses are the businesses that people remember and the businesses that stick your clients/customers/users’ minds.  The consistency your guidelines will create will, over time, make sure you maximise your brand recognition.

4. Brand guidelines will ensure everyone uses your brand correctly

Your brand guidelines will give your employees clear, easy to use instructions they can follow so your brand is always used the right way.

5. Brand guidelines will increase the value of your brand

When your brand identity is consistent, its perceived value will increase.  This is not just because you look more professional, it is also because the consistent use of your brand will make it easier to maintain its quality and integrity.

If you feel your brand has become a little tired or you think it may be time to revaluate your existing guidelines so your brand does all of the above, please get in touch and we can arrange a time to talk.

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