Why is Digital Design Important?

Why is Digital Design Important? – Today a huge chunk of our lives is lived on a screen.  This is why digital design is now so important.  The way design looks online must be sharp, responsive and have the maximum impact of everyone who sees it.

What is Digital Design?

Digital design is the creative work you see on a screen.

While traditionally graphic designers would have been asked to create brochures, editorial spreads, business cards and print ads, today’s designers are more likely to be asked to create banner ads, social media identities, infographics, various website design elements, UX wireframes, PDF white papers and special reports and eBooks.

Of these, arguably the most important are:

1. Website Design

Websites are the new shop window.

This means how your site looks, feels, and operates will be fundamental to your business’ success.  Your website needs to impress, sell, and inform in equal measures and good design is at the heart of all three.

2. Marketing Graphics

To bring your brand to life you need graphics that represent who you are and cement your brand identify across all your digital and physical marketing channels.

Why is Digital Design so important?

Digital design is now present in every aspect of our everyday lives. 

You may think it’s limited to what’s on your web browser or smartphone but it’s more than that.  Almost every product is touched by some element of design at some point in its life whether that’s during its development or as part of its marketing.

Digital design is pivotal in producing apps, animations, games and movies.  It underpins the creation of a new logo, architectural plans for new buildings, vehicle and product design.  And with such a fast turnover of new web design, digital imaging or 3D printing technology, the part digital design plays in our lives will only grow.

In fact, as technology is advancing so rapidly, there is a real danger digital design will be taken for granted while designers desperately try to keep up with the latest innovations, skills, and software so their clients can take full advantage of the unlimited reach of the internet and smartphones.

Keeping pace with developments and being able to offer a genuine digital design service involves more than simply producing a pretty website.

A good digital design team won’t just put a good website together.  A good digital designer will know how to use a brand’s digital presence to convey the owner’s goals, mission and branding and make them look absolutely fabulous darling while doing so. 

They will also make every digital interface as easy to use as possible to maximise the financial return each marketing channel delivers, a list that in addition to the website/s could include:

  • Sales presentations
  • Corporate videos
  • ‘Talking heads’ videos
  • Infographics and motion graphics
  • E-marketing
  • Apps
  • Social media

And all content needs to be media-rich.  It needs to utilise more than just text.  Today’s browser expects much more.

This means digital design must be comprehensively visual.  It needs to employ not only video, images, and animations, but also the ability to interact with the brand immediately and easily.  It needs to invite comments and opinion and react and respond to the information it receives to hold the client/customer/users’ interest.

It’s also important to remember that simply digitising what you already have may not be enough.  In order to present the very best digital identify you may need to consider refreshing your brand so that it plays perfectly online (and that means on a Apple Watch as much as on a desktop browser). 

If you feel you could look better on screens of all shapes and sizes, we should have a chat.  We can talk you through the way our digital design team makes sure brands successfully translate on smartphones, on the internet, and across social media.

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