How do you create a powerful infographic?

How do you create a powerful infographic?

So how do you create a powerful infographic?

The real power of an infographic is its ability to add a bit of imagination and creativity to your marketing, something that’ll stand up in front of your audience screaming “WATCH ME!” 

Even better, as you can’t watch something wrong, there is no chance something will be missed or misinterpreted in the way that perhaps a blog can be.

But how do you make sure the majority of your audience take your advice and click ‘play’?  Based on our experience the following 8 tips will help you create a more powerful infographic:

1. Create a strong brief

What do you want your infographic to do? What do you want it to say?  What do you want it look like?  And have you put down your ideas in a way that absolutely everyone involved will understand?

2. Keep your ideas on message

Once you have your brief, stick to it.  Don’t deviate just because other options are available.  Stay on message and play to the preferences of your audience (and use themes and content you know work).

3. Use the right data

You can use existing data pulled together by external sources but you’ll have to credit their work.  Try to use your own data if possible as that will be unique and will position you as anexpert.

4. Tell a story

Good infographics tell a single story … quickly and in a straight line!  If you’re finding your deviating and adding things in, they should be included in other infographics.

5. Follow design best practice

A good story will always be decimated by bad design.  Make sure your graphics are clean, that they match your brand and that they follow current best practice.

6. Be clear

Even if you employ the best design all your good work will be undone if your data or content is muddled or confusing.

7. Plan your distribution

You may end up with a punchy, great looking, highly informative piece of work but it can’t generate any level of response if you don’t promote it correctly.  Make sure that all of your infographics receive comprehensive marketing support.

8. Outsource it

If you you’re just starting out, as an expert to help.  Yes, there will be a cost but surely the quality of the final piece (and the time it’ll save you) will more than repay that! 

If you’d like to start incorporating infographics into your marketing and would like a chat to find the best approach for you, please drop us a line?  We can also share some examples of our work to give you a better idea of what we could be doing for you.

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