When is rebranding a good idea?

When is rebranding a good idea? All businesses go through a rebrand at some point during their lifetime. 

It’s the public sign your business is growing, adapting and evolving, that you’re not content to stand still but instead want to keep pace with the needs, demands and requirements of your market (and willing to invest to make sure it is done properly).The only question is given a rebrand (or even a brand refresh) requires time, effort and budget how do you know when the time for a rebrand has come? 

We’d suggest the following are usually pretty reliable indicators:

1. Your brand looks tired

This is the most common reason to rebrand. Most business owners know just by looking at it that their branding is outdated but still refuse to do anything about it. The only thing is, if you can see it’s tired, so can your customers and their perception could be taking them into the arms (or at least order forms) of your competitors.

2. Your market has changed

As your business grows, so will your market. Your brand therefore has to have the ability to appeal to the taste of all of the various demographics your market contains.  Moreover, it needs to translate evenly to all the marketing channels you’re using.

3. Your business has changed

If you have diversified, merged, bolted on new businesses, or gone international, your brand needs to show this. Successful brands articulate who you are, not who you were.

4. New stuff is happening

You need to keep up with the latest developments impacting on your market and reflect that in your branding. For example, if you are a manufacturer are your processes ethical and is your premises sustainable? Or if you are in the food & drink industry, are you using organic ingredients and paying full attention to the latest foody fads?

5. It’s time to take marketing more seriously

If you are still a youngish business, you may have launched with just enough brand-wise to get yourself going. However, now that you have matured you need more than ‘fit for purpose’, you need a strong visual identify and a highly focused fully formed marketing message to underpin it.

When is rebranding a good idea?If you think it might be time for you to rebrand, why not get in touch? 

We can explain how we can help you develop the visual image and marketing message that will help your business take the next step.

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