What are the benefits of a rebrand?

What are the benefits of a rebrand? – In a previous blog we looked at why (or more specifically, when) you should consider rebranding.  

However, regardless of how desperately you know you need a rebrand, we appreciate that this isn’t a decision you can take lightly. It takes time, money and effort to rebrand and surely you could just carry on as you are so you can save yourself all three? 

Maybe, but there are also some very tangible benefits attached to rebranding:    

You can extend your audience
The biggest benefit of a rebrand is it will catch the attention of new customers, people who never noticed you before or people who simply didn’t engage with your previous branding because it didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear.

Increase your competitive advantage
Rebranding allows you to tighten up your messaging. It could be that you do different things or do things differently to when you started. It could be that you’ve extended your services. Or you could have finally hit upon what it is you do so much better than your competitors. All of this can be captured in your new brand so you can differentiate your offering and increase your market share.

Bring yourself up to date
Like it or not the way you look plays crucial part in establishing your market’s perception of your business.  This means you need to keep it current. If you look old fashioned, you’ll be perceived as old fashioned. This is likely to end up telling customers that they will need to look elsewhere to find the state-of-the-art products and solutions they want. 

Reflect what you offer today
Successful businesses don’t stand still, they evolve. Your branding needs to reflect this. Even if you only undertake a slight brand refresh, it will still show your audience you are developing, improving, and looking forward.

Boost your bottom line
And of course, if all the previous benefits look admirable but unquantifiable, the cumulative financial effect of winning more customers, gaining a better advantage of your competitors and promoting your business in a stronger and more contemporary way should be the deciding factor. 

Managed and launched correctly, rebranding will win you more new business and a bigger market share which, admirably and quantifiably, will boost your bottom line.

If this blog on the benefits of a rebrand has started you thinking it is may be time to rebrand why not give us call

We can explain how we will help you create a brand that will win more new business and a bigger market share and, of course, boost your bottom line.

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