What is an infographic?

The word ‘infographic’ is a portmanteau of ‘information’ and ‘graphic’ which is all it is, a graphic way of expressing information by using images, data and/or very limited copy.  

The boom in digital marketing over the last decade has cemented infographics’ position as the most popular online marketing option. But as their use grows and the way they’re constructed continues to develop, what is the most accurate way to answer the question “what is an infographic?”?

Well, here’s our answer!

The different types of infographics

There are basically 3 types of infographic:

1. Data visualisation

This is an aesthetically appealing way to display a series of data so it shows the overall trends you need to illustrate the point you want to make.

2. Information design

Rather than using data, information design communicates a concept or series of concepts graphically.  If that sounds like gobbledygook some of the best examples are f flowcharts, organizational diagrams, or timelines.

3. Editorial infographics

Although magazines have been using infographic summaries within their editorials for years, the rise and rise of social media has now prompted the corporate world to follow their lead and display the key points they want to make in a more engaging and creative way.

The different design options for infographics

Regardless of which format you want to use (though to meet the preferences of all of your audience you should probably try a little of all 3 and compare the results) there are 3 main design styles to choose from depending on your audience, objectives, message and budget:

1. Static infographics

These are static images but even though they don’t move, you can make them more interesting by using different types of illustrations and imagery.

2. Animated Infographics

This won’t come as a surprise … these are animated!  These are perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention online and on social media and can also add a bit more creative oomph to presentations and pitch materials.  

3. Interactive Infographics

This needs your audience to engage.  They need to be willing to ‘click for more’ or be able to scroll around an image and zoom in to find more information in the areas they are most interested in.

If you’re thinking about experimenting with infographics and would like a chat about the best approach for your campaign, why not drop us a line?  We can also share some examples of our work to give you a better idea of what we could be doing for you.

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